The problem with this is yealink have not documented it very well. This post is to document what I have found works. This may change with future firmware updates, so be aware. I used the IPBRICK unified comms product which has a built in OpenVPN server which is what the Yealink phones use.

FreePBX 14 is now using OpenVPN 2.4.4 which is the most modern and also seems to be using SHA256. The Yealink T56A with the latest firmware seams to be using OpenVPN 2.1.4 which I understand to be SHA1. regardless of versions I have not found any errors or logs with anything meaningful. Yealink Technical White Paper VPN OpenVPN is a remote-access VPN and is designed to work with the TUN/TAP virtual networking interface that exists on most YEALINK NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Email : Web About Yealink Yealink is a global leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, offering video conferencing service to worldwide enterprises. Focusing on research and development, Yealink also insists on innovation and creation. The OpenVPN client export package can export Yealink (and snom) format configs automatically now. I just noticed that there is a new version of the exporter (.25), I was on .20. I see that in .25 there is now 2.3 beta on the windows installer and an option for Viscosity, but don't see anything for Yealink or Snom. Hi I would like to setup OpenVPN to work with a Yealink handset and I believe it's possible to do this. I am new to OpenVPN especially the setup in Opnsense. Generally I ise IPSec for everything but the SIP phones I have only support OpenVPN At present I cannot even get a client export file that the Yealink is happy with as it will only accept a .tar file. Client certificate - yealink.crt; Client key - yealink.key; TLS key - ta.key (optional) 5. Path requires to be prepended in certificates and keys in the configuration file. It must be like /config/openvpn/keys/*** Aug 07, 2013 · Learn how to configure Yealink phones to register over the internet to a VOIP server using the in phone OpenVPN client. This how-to guide shows the steps required to configure the OpenVPN phone to

OpenVPN_Feature_on_Yealink_IP_Phones.pdf. [Guides&Manuals] 2018-09-10

Using the OpenVPN Client Export Package¶. Once installed, the OpenVPN Client Export add-on package, located at VPN > OpenVPN on the Client Export tab, automatically creates a Windows installer to download, or it can generate configuration files for OSX (Viscosity), Android and iOS clients, SNOM and Yealink handsets, and others. Jun 04, 2013 · Yealink T38 OpenVPN configuration Well it's been a long time since I posted another tutorial, but here is a nice one. I needed to configure a Yealink T38 to connect over VPN to a remote location. Page 1 Yealink IP Phone User Manual Operation 1 Making Calls 1.1 Basic Calling To make a call just pickup the handset and dial the number then press the Send soft key or Soft keys Dial the number and then pickup the handset Dial the number and press the function key for Speaker Phone this will activate the Speaker Phone function.

So i read the articles at the start, followed them to the letter, and have created the OpenVPN connection client, downloaded the TAR, uploaded to the Yealink ( I have tried 2 yealinks ) and this is the log file the Yealink spits out, so forgetting the "extension" it isn't dialling the openVPN, which needs to come first, which is where i need

There are a few hurdles with running OpenVPN on yealink phones. Firstly, if your VPN requires SHA256, make sure you have a recent enough firmware that supports it (some are not available from Yealink's site and you may need to get it from support). Home; VPN Server. With VPN connection, you can set up multiple VPN clients to access Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX securely.. OpenVPN Certificates and Keys. Before you start to set up the OpenVPN network, you need to make the related certificates and keys for VPN server and VPN clients. Description Prime Business Phone to Deliver Optimum Desktop Productivity. Especially designed for busy executives and professionals, Yealink SIP-T57W is an easy-to-use Prime Business Phone with an adjustable 7-inch multi-point touch screen that you can not only easily and flexibly find the comfortable viewing angle according to the personal and environmental needs, but also get a rich visual