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Lavabit is an e-mail service provider, and this case arises out of a criminal investigation into one of its customers. In the course of that investigation, Lavabit was ordered to disclose the company’s private encryption keys, which it refused to do. T he district court held Lavabit in contempt on August 5, 2013. Ed Snowden's Email Provider, Lavabit, Shuts Down To Fight 2013-8-8 · The Feds went to Lavabit demanding access to Ed Snowden's email. Lavabit refused. The feds went to (secret) court and the (secret) court said (in secret) that Lavabit … Lavabit alternative | Wilders Security Forums

Lavabit, Silent Circle Shut Down: Crypto In Spotlight

Aug 19, 2013 · Guys, for those of you who just want a private email for everyday use (financial sites, etc) just register your own domain name and then use that with Countermail. That way, if Countermail ever goes the same way as lavabit, you can just transfer your domain to another email host and you will still have access to your address. Central to Lavabit’s focus is to position DIME, and DIME compatible technologies, as the superior alternative, and natural successor to existing enterprise email platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Oracle Messaging Server, and Zimbra.

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Lavabit stories at Techdirt. 2017-1-23 · Lavabit founder Ladar Levison can finally confirm that Edward Snowden was the target of the 2013 investigation, which led to the shutdown of the Lavabit email service.