Can I get broadband only from Virgin Media? Virgin Media offers three broadband-only packages, with speed ranging from 108 Mbps to the superfast 362mbps. Higher speeds are available but in a bundle package which includes a telephones line with anytime calls and 270 plus channels, this has an average speed of 512Mbps.

Virgin TV V6 guides. Get the full lowdown on what your new Virgin TV V6 box can do, as well as a step-by-step guide on self-installing with QuickStart. Virgin TV V6 User Guide > Virgin TV V6 QuickStart Guide for New Customers > Virgin TV V6 QuickStart Guide for Existing Customers > Big bundle Virgin's basic bundle adds 70+ TV channels, weekend calls, Sky On Demand and a brand new Virgin TV V6 box to your M50 broadband plan. Sky Q main box is 2 far and cant reach out to the mini in the bedroom . ended up connecting the Sky new booster to sky Q main tv box ( not to sky Q nternet modem ) and then connecting Sky Mini to the booster. 2 boosters upstairs: one repeats Sky Tv and one reapeats Virgin broadband . work flawlessly. hope that helps . Re: Getting a Virgin Broadband box from outside my house removed on ‎11-06-2019 16:47 Hi the thing about that is if you ever want virgin's services it's there for you also if you sell you can state that virgins services are laid on which for some people is a selling point.Regards Micky What do the Lights on your WiFi Hub mean? Get help and support from Virgin Media. We have articles, videos and troubleshooting guides for all your queries. The difference between the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless bands is speed and range. In a nutshell, the 2.4Ghz band is able to reach further, giving you better signal further from the Hub, but the 5Ghz band offers much higher speeds at a lower range or distance away from the hub. You can either buy a longer cable (with the same connectors, I think they are F Connectors) and connect your cable box directly to the NTL/Telewest/Virgin Media socket or outlet. OR Buy the appropriate extension cable. OR Pay £75-£99 for Virgin Media to do it. Hope this helps, I'm sure another poster will answer your question better though. Lol.

Hi,# We have had no connection for 2 weeks now. I was sent a new hub a week ago as the helpline suggested the old one was broken. I installed the new hub but still I only have a green power light showing not white. I think there must be a problem with the cable outside our house. I have been trying

Sky and Virgin Media: which offers better broadband? Virgin Media's strength is its broadband service. Because it runs on fibre cables, it offers the fastest speeds available from mainstream providers – its deals have average speeds of 54Mbps, 108Mbps, 213Mbps and 362Mbps. Forgotten password - My Virgin Media No problem. Just fill in your username below to choose a new password. Username. Forgotten or don't know your username? Best Broadband & TV Deals | broadbandchoices

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The Virgin TV V6 box International TV channels Phone Phone. Shop Home phone packages If you have an issue with your broadband, TV, phone or mobile service you can run a test online via our Service status page. It’s really simple and quick Run tests on your services and kit; Virgin Media - extending-your-network Virgin Media Powerlines use your home’s electrical wiring to connect devices to your broadband. A Powerline network is easy to set up, and lets you add another wired connection in any room with a working plug socket. Or choose the wireless kit if you want to extend the range of your WiFi signal. Best Broadband Package Deals for Your Home | Virgin Media