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Hi, My email clinets last successfully connected to the IMAP & SMTP ports of last Monday (30th July 2018) I can not longer connect using any email client over different internet connections. BT helpline usuless - telling me to cal microsoft or apple! - interesting consdiering I' Windows Live Mail If you do not update your email settings you will not be able to send email from your WOW! email account. Modifying Outbound Server Settings Please note: Your inbound server settings should not be changed during this process. Field Use This Setting Outgoing Mail Port . 587 Solved: Email client stopped sending mail - Oct 2019 I was successfully using as a smart host on my Exchange 2003/2010 server for years and years. Suddenly it stopped working. My protocol logs showed a successful connection to My sender and recipient E-Mail addresses were accepted but the mail never arrived at the intended destination. Solved: Outgoing SMTP - Telkom Community - 11867

Jan 04, 2010

Apr 14, 2020 How To Solve Outgoing Sympatico Email Problems Using SSL

When I checked Allan's computers, his mail server settings were set for POP3. Interestingly, when I searched Google for "godaddy mail server settings", every single web page I came across from had instruction for setting up a POP3 account, but not for IMAP. I found this incredibly odd.

outgoing mail not working - Verizon Fios Community I suddenly had the same issue using my email via Outlook. Tried re-entering my settings and finally found that if I uncheck the "Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)" checkbox, the email (incoming and outgoing) started working again. Good luck!