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Otherwise known as the “Unknown Publisher prompt” or the “Redirection Warning”, this dialog will start to appear after you have updated your Windows XP computer to Service Pack 3 or the RDC 6.1 client was installed. There are 2 different prompts that you might see, depending on if you are opening a Terminal Services connection or unknown publisher error | Tech Support Nov 07, 2008 Windows says the install is from an unknown publisher Feb 27, 2019

Windows 7 Recovery Disk Shows Operating System: Unknown On (Unknown)? Windows 7 Asking For Permission Or Saying Do Not Have Permission To Make Changes; UAC Requesting Permission To Run Programs That Don't Need Permission? Convert Publisher Files To Pdf In Windows XP? Publisher 2003 View As Web Page; Cannot Upload Publisher And The Web Previews How to become a known publisher

The publisher in unknown ! Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

Unknown Publisher Warning - June 2010 - Forums - CNET Mar 28, 2011 [SOLVED] IE 9 Unknown Publisher Security Warning - Windows May 25, 2018 Code Signing, who is the Unknown Publisher? – Mike's Rants Since Microsoft got religion around security, and especially since SP2 developers have been faced with the Unknown Publisher problem. Any application that has not been signed with a digital certificate from a trusted CA (Certificate Authority) displays a message that the publisher is Unknown with a more forceful warning than in previous versions of Windows.